coaching for artists

We help you realize your goals.

Coaching can help artists find the bottom line by helping them create professional marketing materials, learn how to submit winning proposals, and to create effective art networks. Expediting the business end of things will enable artists to put their energy back into the part of the work they love–creativity.

We help artists prioritize and develop a plan of action, when it comes to marketing their work. Working one on one, we cater to your individual needs and strengths to help you reach your goals and become a more efficient and successful art business. After all it’s impossible to do everything. We provide technical support as well as access to other professionals in a variety of areas relating to your business.

You’ve all read the books, taken the seminars and been around the block. Unlike other consultants, we don’t sell self help. We work one on one to apply it all to your business. With muse design you can develop a custom personal plan for realizing your dream and taking your art business the next step.

planning & development

  • We coach artists to be better entrepreneurs and business managers
  • We help artists find appropriate target markets
  • We develop connections with press and marketing channels available to artists
  • We teach them to use technology to their advantage (web, email, social media etc)
  • We help them develop and hone practical skills they need to manage their business
  • We curate and install exhibitions
  • We will due full materials review to help you improve  your existing promotional package.
  • We up digital tools that integrate your work flow and take the frustration out of managing the technology — so you can focus on making the art and putting your best foot forward

mastering arts marketing & business skills

Many artists resist pursuing their art as a business endeavor. While this impulse is understandable, it makes it difficult for artists to pursue their creativity and live the lives of dedicated artists. One has to pay the bills, after all.

Coaching can improve your self awareness and help you to realize and achieve your goals with the support and guidance of a neutral, objective arts professional, working actively as a team member to help you achieve your goals. Whether making the transition to a full time art career or just maximizing your potential as an artist, a coach might be just the thing for you.


Being an artist is all about design. Your materials should be design savvy and technically up to speed to keep up with the marketplace. Managing the technical tools you need to have at your fingertips to adequately market your work is a job in and of itself. We help navigate the sea of choices and can help design a custom solution that suits your needs and your budget. Cookie cutter solutions can set limits on your business and don’t necessarily make the work look it’s best. We work with you to develop working solutions that are customized to your personal needs. Whether is print, or digital we can help you put your best foot forward and help you go to the next level.  developing a  marketing plan and a timetable to help reach your potential.

Specific projects also welcome.

  • Websites
  • Print Design
  • Exhibition planning and installation
  • Proposals
  • Gallery research
  • Career assessment

Muse will help you realize your goals.